Upward Anthems


After many successful years leading the social media strategy across various organizations, Upward Anthems founder Marissa Conniff was ready for her next chapter. Launching a social media agency geared at elevating voices is a monumental task. Video and social are perfect together. Rolling out a brand video was a tactic backed by strategy.

Project Needs:

  • Generate Awareness

  • Utilize Local Talent


Folk & Lore collaborated with Upward Anthems to generate a brand video. We found that creative solutions played an essential role during the startup stage.

Key Elements for Success:

  • Creative Editing of Stock Footage

  • Incorporate Diversity with Visuals

  • Social Media Optimized Duration


Upward Anthems was able to soar higher from the start by leveraging a video into the mix. Having a solid video alleviated some internal marketing efforts so that energy could be best spent with clients.

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