William & Mary / Northwestern University


Some of our favorite projects come from working with other production companies. Working with Fagan Productions, Ltd., we were able to craft a five-part animated series for the Center for Gifted Education at William & Mary in collaboration with the Center for Talent Development, Northwestern University. As part of a curriculum, these videos covered several topics presented to seventh and eighth-grade students.

Project Needs:

  • Engaging Content to Hold Attention

  • Diverse Set of Characters

  • Captions for Students


Folk & Lore set off with the ambitious charge of creating a wide range of characters to fit diverse students, historical figures, and fictional icons. Specialized attention to character rigs, movements, and design elements allowed for a streamlined approach to preserve the script.

Key Elements for Success:

  • Customizable Characters

  • Utilized Public Domain Images

  • Maintained Pace to Keep Youth Engaged


Over 25 minutes of animation was crafted while delivering several weeks earlier than the requested date. Clients were pleased with the content and the inclusion of many elements. The creative approach to the project allowed the project to remain within scope, which helped meet the funding grant requirements.

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